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Welcome to Sustainable Office Printers!

We are a family-owned Australian Business based in Perth who believe we should offer Eco-friendly print solutions to all Aussie Businesses. As we progress towards net zero and energy prices escalate Epson’s range of PrecisionCore printers come to the rescue.

Epson's PrecisionCore printers offer several benefits that make them stand out in the printing industry. Here are some key advantages of Epson's PrecisionCore printing technology:
  1. Print Quality: PrecisionCore printheads are known for delivering exceptional print quality. They use advanced printhead technology with a high-density configuration of precision nozzles, enabling precise and consistent droplet placement. This results in sharp text, smooth gradations, vibrant colors, and fine details in both text and images.

  2. Speed and Productivity: PrecisionCore printheads are designed to be fast and efficient. They can produce high-quality prints at impressive speeds, enabling faster turnaround times for print jobs. Whether it’s black and white documents or color graphics, PrecisionCore printers can handle large volumes of printing quickly and efficiently.

  1. Reliability and Durability: Epson’s PrecisionCore technology is renowned for its reliability and durability. The printheads are built to withstand heavy-duty use, ensuring consistent performance even in demanding printing environments. The robust construction and long-lasting components of PrecisionCore printers contribute to their reliability and extended service life.

  2. Scalability: PrecisionCore technology offers scalability, allowing printers to be designed with varying printhead configurations to meet specific printing requirements. This flexibility enables manufacturers to produce printers for different applications, from compact desktop models to high-volume commercial printers. It ensures that PrecisionCore printers can cater to a wide range of printing needs.

  3. Precision and Accuracy: The precision nozzle technology in PrecisionCore printheads enables accurate and consistent ink placement. This ensures precise alignment of colors and reduces any potential misregistration issues. The result is sharp, crisp, and accurate prints, making PrecisionCore printers suitable for tasks that require high precision, such as professional graphics, fine art, or product labels.

  4. Energy Efficiency: Epson’s PrecisionCore printers are designed to be energy efficient. The advanced printhead technology consumes less power compared to traditional printing technologies, reducing energy costs and environmental impact. This makes PrecisionCore printers a sustainable choice for businesses looking to minimize their carbon footprint and energy consumption.

  5. Versatility: PrecisionCore printers are highly versatile and can handle a wide range of media types and sizes. Whether it’s plain paper, photo paper, envelopes, labels, or specialized media, PrecisionCore printers can accommodate various media options. This versatility makes them suitable for diverse printing applications, from office documents to marketing materials and creative projects.

Overall, Epson’s PrecisionCore printers offer superior print quality, high-speed performance, reliability, scalability, precision, and energy efficiency. These features make them a compelling choice for businesses and individuals seeking professional-grade printing solutions.


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Check out the video of this unique system the Epson Paperlab 8000 developed by Epson which converts scrap A4 prints into fresh recycled paper for re-use, recycling and fully engaging the circular economy.

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