Sustainable Office Printing

Benefits of “Heat Free” printing

Heat-free printing, also known as non-impact or non-thermal printing, refers to printing methods that do not rely on heat as the primary mechanism for transferring ink onto paper. Instead, these methods utilize alternative technologies to achieve the desired printing results. There are several benefits associated with heat-free printing:

Energy Efficiency:

Heat-free printing techniques typically consume less energy compared to traditional printing methods that involve heat generation. This can result in reduced electricity costs and lower environmental impact, making heat-free printing a more sustainable option.


Heat-free printing allows for greater flexibility in terms of printing on a wide range of materials. It can handle delicate and heat-sensitive materials such as thermal paper, synthetic labels, and thin films without causing damage or distortion.

Improved Print Quality:

Heat-free printing methods often offer higher resolution, sharper text, and better colour reproduction. This is particularly advantageous for applications where fine details or high-quality graphics are crucial, such as professional photography, graphic design, or marketing materials.

Faster Printing Speeds:

Some heat-free printing technologies, such as laser printing, can achieve faster printing speeds compared to traditional heat-based methods. This can increase productivity and efficiency in printing-intensive environments, such as offices or commercial printing facilities.

Reduced Maintenance:

Heat-free printing technologies generally require less maintenance compared to heat-based printers. They don’t have components like heating elements, thermal print heads, or ribbons that can wear out or require frequent replacement, resulting in lower downtime and maintenance costs.


Heat-free printing technologies can easily integrate with digital systems and workflows, allowing seamless connectivity with computers, mobile devices, and networked environments. They are compatible with a variety of file formats and can be used for on-demand printing, variable data printing, or customized printing applications.

Co2 reduction

We have all been made away of rising C02 levels in the atmosphere and print is a contributor by moving to a heat free sustainable Epson Printer you can help solve this problem.

Less components being transported from overseas factories; less energy being consumed when both idling and running, less need for technical visits all combine to reduce the impact of your businesses  on C02 emissions which is good for the planet.

It’s important to note that the benefits of CO2 reduction are interconnected and support the overarching goal of sustainable development. By addressing climate change and reducing CO2 emissions, we can foster a healthier environment, protect ecosystems, and create a more resilient and prosperous future for all.

Print Releaf Program

Environmental Offsets for Every Business

PrintReleaf offsets your paper and fiber-based materials, so you can sustain and grow our global forestry system while growing your business.

Sustainable is pleased to announce we are partners in the Print Releaf program where all of our Clients prints are registered and for each 8000 or so pages printed a tree is planted in vulnerable regions to offset your emissions.

Each client geta regular report on their contribution, access to the dedicated portal and use of the Print Releaf logo in their marketing.

It doesn’t cost the world but it can help repair it!

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